Familj äter frukost vid sommarstugan en solig sommardag

This is Semper

Excellent quality, absolute safety and great taste. With this vision, Axel Wenner-Gren started the Semper journey over 70 years ago. From the invention of making milk powder out of real milk, via the all-Swedish tradition of Välling, to the current family of meal jars and different tasty in-between snacks.

Our vision

Expertise, innovation and commitment are values that have built a close and trusting relationship between our company and generations of Swedes - something we intend develop well into the future.

The knowledge we have of our consumers' needs is based on long experience and research, and a close cooperation with physicians and nutrition experts. Combined with our high standards of quality and ingredients, this has made our consumers trust Semper as a brand for safe and tasty food.

We push for breakthrough innovation and lead the development by continuously developing new concepts, products and new flavors with nutritional content. Working together with us means a partnership that gives priority to responsiveness and openness. That is how we create relationships and work environment that stimulates innovation.

We have a strong commitment to our consumers' daily lives. We know how important it is for parents to find support in responsible and enjoyable parenting - in the mass of little things to do in everyday life. Especially when it is about food. About nutrition, health, growing up and interacting with your child. Semper has a role to play there.

Our history

Semper, one of the most trusted brands within infant nutrition, has been developing and creating baby food and infant nutrition for over 70 years. It all began with a new method of drying milk, developed by Ninni Kronberg, a Swedish nutritionist. With her ideas, the Swedish entrepreneur Dr. Axel Wenner-Gren founded “Svenska Mjölkprodukter AB (SMP)” in 1938. In September 1939, SMP could start the production in Sweden’s first milk powder plant in Kimstad.

The 1940’s

Wenner-Gren's mission was to start an export of dried milk, and soon a new modern plant was built in the small town of Götene. SMP focused on further inventions and product development and was established as a research-based and innovative company. The first milk cereal drinks were launched in 1941 and in 1948 the world’s first complete industrially manufactured infant formula was launched, BabySemp. The infant formula was a result of a close cooperation between Semper, nutritional expertise and pediatricians. This partnership has flourished ever since.


Bake-off products were developed to complement the basic raw material, milk powder. New products demanded new partnerships and strong brands were created during the 1950's. Partnership with Felix (now Procordia Food) began and the first baby food in glass jars were sold in 1960. In 1963 the company changed the name from SMP to “Semper”.


Semper was the first food company in Sweden to start a consumer contact initiative and a proactive focus on nutrition began. The Nordic expansion started as a company was formed with the Finnish dairy company Valio. An export of Semper products to Russia and the Baltic States were also started.


In the nineties, Semper expanded in the health sector and Juvel’s gluten-free range was acquired. Some years later the business was streamlined and concentrated and in 2006 the core business was sold to the international consumer-foods group Hero AG. Hero’s acquisition of Semper AB started a new phase in Semper’s history.

2007 onwards

Hero’s financial strength and long experience enabled a continued long-term approach in existing core areas, combined with major opportunities to expand into new areas and new markets. In 2007, a new subsidiary was started in Finland and in Norway all shares in SMåFOLK was taken over by Semper. The Norwegian SMåFOLK was established in the late nineties by Wenche Andersen and Ann Beth Bergh, who wanted to develop baby food as similar to home cocked meals as possible.

In 2009 Semper established a sales office in Denmark, and in January 2010 the Semper brand was launched on the Danish market.

In 2010 Semper acquired the family owned Korsnäs Bröd, a bakery that has baked crisp bread since generations. The bakery just outside Falun is now baking Semper’s gluten-free crisp bread. A new product range for toddlers, Småfolk, was launched at all Nordic markets in 2010. A new innovative package, “SmartPack”, was also developed for for porridge, cereal drinks and infant formulas.